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Wittenmyer at FCA Digital University California

FCA dealers – jump start your Fall and Winter marketing strategies with a day at the beach. Join Bill Wittenmyer, Partner at ELEAD1ONE at this year’s FCA Digital University in Newport Beach, California, September 11.

Co-sponsored by ELEAD1ONE, DealerOn, and Google, this free event is designed for FCA dealers, fixed ops and service managers will deliver actionable showroom and service marketing strategies for your dealership. Bill will be joined by a top-notch list of  automotive marketing experts for a full day of fun and learning at one of the Bill Wittenmyermost beautiful spots in California.

Close out your 2018 with the best strategies that will help you target the right customer at the right time.

Whether it’s uncovering the overlooked service customer opportunities right in your CRM or creating a digital advertising strategy that will help attract leads that convert to sales, this fun-filled day of learning will pay HUGE dividends for your dealership’s bottom line.


Topics Covered:

  • Boosting Your Service Revenue with the Power of Your CRM
  • Website Conversion & Optimization
  • Lead Handling
  • Digital Advertising Strategies/PPC
  • Google’s Dealer Guidebook
  • SEO Best Practices
  • Facebook Influencing & Advertising

Learn how to develop and deliver impactful digital marketing strategies that drive more traffic to your showroom and service lane.  Save your spot for this free, one-day event designed to help you close more deals and create more loyal service customers.

advisor capturing declined services

The benefits of having a mobile check-in and MPI process in the service department have been widely confirmed. You’ve probably heard all about the three “T’s;” specifically transparency, timing and trust.

However, one of the biggest unsung benefits is the considerable increase in the usage of the “declined service” op codes. Customers declining service is nothing new. But, a mobile service process makes it easy for you to reach out to recent customers so you can recover that lost revenue. Dealerships that are effective at this process see anywhere from 10 percent of declined services brought back within seven days and up to 25 percent of declined services brought back within a month.

What would that mean to your bottom line? In a larger-than-average dealership, you could discover that you have $400,000 in declined service work every month, and be able to bring back $100,000 of that revenue.

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lead generation graphic

Need more leads? Whenever sales are slow, one of the first reactions from salespeople, and sometimes their managers, is to proclaim they need more leads or better leads.

In response, they might run a lead generation campaign which results in a temporary lift in lead volume. The problem is, when the campaign ends, the lead volume drops back to less than optimal levels.

A better, more consistent approach is to build a lead generation process into your culture. The process should also include lead follow up, so you’re maximizing the potential of every lead.

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What’s the definition of multi-tasking? It’s doing a lot of things at once, and most often, that means doing them poorly. In fact, research proves that multi-tasking is largely a myth; our brains are not wired to focus on multiple things at once. Studies show that multi-tasking ruins productivity, causes mistakes and dampens creative thought.

Yet, many people keep trying, simply because they have too much to do and too little time to do it in. The solution is simple: get your priorities straight and accept the fact that you won’t be able to do everything, because everything can’t be a priority. Read More


Connecting with your customer has moved from persuading a customer to purchase a vehicle with persuasive pitches to a more genuine exchange built on creating a connection. By the time customers enter your showroom, they are well beyond seeing what the market has to offer. Instead, they are looking for reasons not to do business with you.

In this episode of AutoSuccess Magazine’s weekly podcast, Bill Wittenmyer outlines the positive qualities your interactions can lead to the sale, rather than the high-intensity sales pitch.

Additional lessons learned include:

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Dealers are great at creating expectations. They advertise their dealerships as family owned, friendly, hassle-free and low-price leaders. These promises are what motivate the customer to call in the first place.

Then the expectation gap opens up. Typical problems that dealerships run into include:

  • Calls getting put on hold, transferred to voice mails, routed to a carousel of wrong persons, or worse, disconnected
  • Customer does not get the information they called for, such as a price quote, or
  • No one returns the customer’s call.

When these things happen to your customers, your dealership instantly loses credibility. You promote how easy it is to do business with you, but that’s not what customers experience.

It’s not difficult to fix your phone processes, but it does require a strategy. Try these tips to help bridge the customer expectation gap at your store. Read More

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