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Customer loyalty and retention are crucial to the successful growth strategy of your dealership. But getting customers to return for maintenance or for their next vehicle purchase can be tricky. Most dealers only see a customer retention rate of about 25%. And, there are a jungle of dealerships competing for consumers’ attention.  How can you create a consistent loyalty and retention program to naturally increase sales and service business?

In this webinar, you will learn strategies to:

  • Personalize your program to meet consumers on their terms using omnichannel marketing
  • Have the software and infrastructure in place to reach customers with the right message at the right time
  • Capitalize on every sales opportunity, increase customer pay ROs, improve CSI and build loyalty by catching revenue opportunities at just the right time
  • Grow your pre-owned inventory organically and avoid high auction costs
  • Give your employees more time to focus on building relationships in-store that can lead to sales

Join Bill Wittenmyer, VP of Sales, Layered Apps & Competitive Accounts at ELEAD1ONE  for his best-in-class solutions to growing customer retention rates and increasing the lifetime value of each customer to your dealership.

Customer Retention

Service – customer retention is a stumbling block for many dealerships. There can be several reasons for this, but one of the main problems is dealers often fail to require the salesperson to make a proper introduction to the service department during the vehicle delivery process. If the salesperson’s pay is not tied to service-customer retention, then it simply isn’t done.

In order to improve sales to service conversions, dealers need to make sure their sales staff has skin in the game by tying this non-negotiable activity to their commission or bonus structure. Then, manage this activity by holding the sales staff accountable, as a condition of their pay and employment, through enforcement and consequences. You will see an immediate rise in tentative first appointments scheduled, which should be followed up with through a comprehensive service-marketing strategy.
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Manufacturer recalls reached an epic 64 million in 2014. That’s more than double the previous calendar year record of 30.8 million in 2004, according to Automotive News. With recalls affecting every one of our clients and most of their customers, we are excited to be rolling out an innovative new product in the near future called RECALL1ONE. One state-of-the-art feature included is the real-time dashboard that alerts dealers of customers who have open recalls that are yet to be resolved. Furthermore, RECALL1ONE offers a live call service to generate increased service appointments for customers with recall items, as well as coordination of real-time parts availability. Other features include campaign overviews, as well as KPI metrics and even a multi-channel re-targeting function that engages non-responders.
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Driving Sales Guest Post

Bill Wittenmyer, ELEAD1ONE Partner, was recently featured as a Guest on Driving Sales Blog.  This is part 3 in a three part series from that guest post.  You can find the original post on Driving Sales Here

PART THREE: I Am Loyal to My Dealership For The Great Coffee: Said No Customer Ever.

In the past several months, I have examined and highlighted the important phases of the journey that customers travel; their shopping patterns, their buying experience, and now their ownership period. Arguably, the ownership experience may be the most important phase of the journey. It will determine the likelihood of your customers doing business with you in the service drive, returning to buy additional vehicles from you, and referring their family and friends to you for both. Considering that referrals close at 55% and return customers close at 60%, this ownership period demands attention.

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