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three people switching CRM

The decision to switch to a new CRM is not one to be taken lightly. On a daily basis, your sales team relies on your CRM for new leads and opportunities, to remind them what needs to be done, guide them through car deals and keep them on track to meet business goals.

Yet, just about every dealer has switched to a new CRM at one point, typically because of a change in management, but sometimes because they want to try the latest shiny new technology.

Whatever your reason for wanting to switch, here are a few tips to guide you through the vendor selection process and help you make a decision you won’t regret. Read More

ELEAD1ONE partner Bill Wittenmyer, guest blogger for AutoSuccess Magazine –  May 27, 2014

America is a wonderful place; it provides us with everything needed for survival, entertainment and everything in between. I have been on the road speaking lately and was struggling a bit for this edition of my blog. Then, a ray of hope was cast upon me while waiting for a prescription in a popular chain. Low and behold, sushi was for sale in the pharmacy. I thought, who in the world would buy that in a drug store? I mean, can you say “hospital visit?” My next thought was that it would be like buying prescriptions from my sushi chef. “Yes chef, I would like the penicillin hand roll, please.” Read More

Bill Wittenmyer and Russell Brown from CBT News discuss the evolving relationship between consumers and dealerships, and how dealers can (and should) adapt to new digital marketing strategies! Consumers are no longer tied to the brick and mortar of the dealership throughout their shopping process, but neither are salespeople.  Learn what Bill thinks about how dealerships can take advantage of mobile trends, and other technologies.

Bill Wittenmeyer is a true professional. Working with his company has been a pleasure, and that has come from the top down. Bill truly cares about the success of my organization, and me as a person which is a hard trait to find in today’s business world. No matter the size of his company, he made my organization feel like we were all that mattered…even traveling across the country in person to make sure we were operating in a successful manner utilizing his tools, and providing valuable information for our continued growth. I would recommend doing business with Bill and his orgnaization – e-Leads CRM.

Greg Coleman, Director of Business Development

Oxmoor Auto Group