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Need more leads? Whenever sales are slow, one of the first reactions from salespeople, and sometimes their managers, is to proclaim they need more leads or better leads.

In response, they might run a lead generation campaign which results in a temporary lift in lead volume. The problem is, when the campaign ends, the lead volume drops back to less than optimal levels.

A better, more consistent approach is to build a lead generation process into your culture. The process should also include lead follow up, so you’re maximizing the potential of every lead.

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ELEAD1ONE DigitalDealer 23 in Las Vegas

Join ELEAD1ONE’s team of automotive retail experts at the DigitalDealer 23 Conference and Expo in Las Vegas. The key event launches the Fall automotive industry convention season. Visit ELEAD1ONE at Booth 405 for your up close look at the game-changing Service1One platform that will help generate profit for your dealership today. Bill Wittenmyer, Partner at ELEAD1ONE, joins a list of automotive experts presenting at this year’s event.

Challenging Tradition: Building a Nonconventional, High-Performance Sales Team – How to Build and Grow a Supercharged Sales Team

Monday, September 18, 2017 | 10:00 a.m.-10:50 a.m. | Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino – Chablis Room

What is your management technique? In a market where educated consumers have more and more power, your sales plan is only as good as your team – and your leadership style. This fast-paced session will challenge your philosophy on management with unique, competitive strategies for building and retaining a high-performing sales team.

Bill Wittenmyer


Key Takeaways:

Review current industry trends and identify the right skill sets that drive your team to produce more with less.

Learn how to build a culture of accountability and continuous improvement through stellar coaching skills and motivational techniques.

Learn how to empower your team with modern technology to cultivate a customer-centric environment.

Plus, take away tips on embracing modern, cutting-edge sales tools and multi-channel communications technologies that will exceed the most discerning consumer expectations.  To learn more about Bill Wittenmyer, follow Bill on LinkedIn or Twitter @Billythekidwitt.

Demo GRAVITY and Service1One at DigitalDealer 23

Get a VIP Demo of ELEAD1ONE’s GRAVITY core platform:

  • Sales CRM: Put customer experience at the center of your universe with easy Deal Building solutions, mobile tools, and everything you need to connect with customers.
  • Service CRM (Service1One): Realize the power of video, mobile technology, and automation to deliver stellar service and generate profits.
  • Marketing: Amplify the right message at the right time with a cloud-based email delivery system, data-driven reporting, and a powerful Contact Center to boost your marketing efforts.

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It happens to us all. A proud parent sticks a cell phone pic in your face or shoves their stroller into your ankles and asks, “Isn’t my baby is cute?” We want to be honest, but don’t want to hurt their feelings. We say, “unbelievable!” or “words cannot describe.” But we really want to tell them, “Your baby is ugly.”

Consulting with automotive retailers is often no different. A general manager or owner invites me into their dealership, and I ask the qualifying questions to understand what they need.  I am there because they know they need help.  Still, those who are married to the “way we do things ‘round here” can suck the oxygen out of the room with “how beautiful his/her baby is”. So, I often ask myself “why am I even here?” The answer is always the same – to learn.
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