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ELEAD1ONE’s innovative data mining technology Xchange Trade Up is featured in the June/July issue of Fixed Ops Journal’s profile on using a vehicle exchange specialist.  Mark Queen, fixed operations expert and Partner at ELEAD1ONE, shared his insights on using a dedicated vehicle exchange specialist in your service department to identify sales opportunities.

More than 2000 dealerships use the ELEAD1ONE’s Xchange Trade Up equity mining solution to create new sales opportunities from their existing customer base. “A service department writing 50+ repair orders a day needs a dedicated vehicle exchange specialist.”

While having an equity mining solution that integrates seamlessly with your sales CRM and service drive technology is critical, dealerships that successfully sell vehicles utilizing data-mining technology have systems in place to identify conquest opportunities before the customer arrives in the service lane.

To see how successful dealers are encouraging vehicle sales among their service customers the Fixed Ops Journal article Dealership Service Lanes Can Be A Great Place to Talk Vehicle Trade-Ins. 


Are the headaches associated with bringing vehicles up to certified pre-owned (CPO) program standards worth it? For dealers, there’s certainly more work, money and time involved with finding, reconditioning and certifying vehicles for CPO programs.

On the surface, it may seem like the higher margins don’t really justify the higher cost of reconditioning and manufacturer fees involved.

But the financial equation isn’t that simple. The fact is, CPO programs attract a certain type of customer that is willing to pay a bit more for a used vehicle in good condition, along with a warranty, roadside service and other perks. This is exactly the type of customer you want in your database, and you have to look at the long-term value of that customer. Read More


Connecting with your customer has moved from persuading a customer to purchase a vehicle with persuasive pitches to a more genuine exchange built on creating a connection. By the time customers enter your showroom, they are well beyond seeing what the market has to offer. Instead, they are looking for reasons not to do business with you.

In this episode of AutoSuccess Magazine’s weekly podcast, Bill Wittenmyer outlines the positive qualities your interactions can lead to the sale, rather than the high-intensity sales pitch.

Additional lessons learned include:

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