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Elead Audience Builder

Want Less Work and More Sales? Target Your Audiences

Audience Builder is a new, modern data querying application inside your Elead CRM system that helps you easily create and manage targeted campaign audiences. Now, you can generate targeted campaign audiences with 100+ filter options for different applications inside the CRM and edit or refresh lists without having to create a new search. Best of all, an audit trail tracks any changes to an audience query and who made the changes.

You may be wondering – what’s the difference between Advanced Search and Audience Builder?

With Advanced Search, you must create a separate query for each level of data you want to include, cross-reference against each other, then merge, de-dupe and launch the campaign.

However, unlike the Advanced Search feature, Audience Builder allows you to add all the layers of a query to search simultaneously, to save the query as a template and to refresh the data on demand to keep list and results dynamic. With Audience Builder, you can also identify audiences still in an ROI period, tailor your marketing messages with a multi-channel approach and provide detailed reporting with an audit trail of changes to audience queries and the user who made the changes. For Elead dealers that use the Xchange equity mining program, Audience Builder can also be used to configure and update data mining queries and allow customers to live on multiple campaigns.

So, what’s the benefit?

When you are able to create custom queries and segmented smart lists, you can develop hyper-targeted marketing campaigns that get more engagement from your customers. And that means you can make more sales.

Using Audience Builder to modernize your data querying and create unique audiences within your CRM will help you get the most out of every single contact in your database.


If you have questions about how to activate or navigate Audience Builder, contact your Elead Performance Manager or

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