Culture, Values & Team


Passion is about risk. It’s about challenging the status quo. It’s about having the courage to pursue life in a bold, irrepressible way. At ELEAD1ONE, we’re passionate about shaping the future of the automotive retail industry. Our journey is not just about new products; it embodies a bolder point of view — we believe only those who dare, drive the world forward. That is the passion that six of the top ten dealer groups and top automotive retailers recognize in ELEAD1ONE.

As a trusted software and business consultant to more than 9,300 clients across the U.S. and Canada, ELEAD1ONE captures the intimate relationships and experiences automotive retailers and consumers have with one another and with their environment. ELEAD1ONE stands ahead of the curve in its commitment to reinvigorate today’s challenging automotive retail environment. Our ongoing, open platform represents an unwavering commitment to the automotive industry, its growth, and providing a strategic business advantage for our clients. ELEAD1ONE drives you forward with one platform and unlimited possibilities.

Who We Are

ELEAD1ONE is the industry standard in automotive software and technology. It’s who we are. We are passionate in our aspiration to shape the automotive retail industry with unique business perspectives and honest solutions.

Our goal is to create personalized solutions that complement our clients’ culture, values, and company goals. And above all, we believe in long-term resources and success that drive you forward through continuous process and collaboration as exciting and fun as the end result.

In 2018, CDK Global, a leading enabler of end-to-end automotive commerce, acquired ELEAD1ONE, a leading provider of fully integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions for automotive dealers. With more than $2 billion in revenues, CDK Global is a leading global provider of integrated information technology and digital marketing solutions to the automotive retail and adjacent industries. We look forward to the many opportunities this provides as we continue to serve our customers.

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What We Value

Our values are part of our DNA. They serve as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions. They guide the way we work with our business partners, within our communities, and above all else, with each other. Through leadership, integrity, accountability, humility, quality, and passion, we have created a culture of inspiration; where ideas can blossom, people can thrive, and success flourishes.

  • Leadership: The courage to shape a better future and industry
  • Integrity: Be real and work smart, acting with urgency
  • Accountability: If it is to be, then it’s up to me
  • Humility: Listen, observe, and learn from the market
  • Quality: Do what others won’t do, and do it well
  • Passion: Committed in mind and soul