Build relationships that lead to sales

With the support of an experienced automotive BDC, you can have more productive conversations with your customers, capitalize on every lead and sell more cars and service.

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How can a dealership BDC change your business?

My dealership needs:
To Have More Conversations That Convert
More Complete Customer Data
More Customer Feedback
More Productive Team
To Capture More Service Opportunities

Discover 5 Outbound Call Campaigns that Deliver Results

How do you execute call campaigns so that customers and prospects are truly engaged with your business? In this free guide, you’ll discover high-performance business development campaigns critical to helping you grow profits.

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Which automotive BDC services could have a big impact on your dealership?

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Inbound BDC Call Center Services

Are you always able to present customers with the right message at the right time? Give your team the support they need so your employees can do what they do best – build the relationships that lead to sales.

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outbound bdc

Outbound BDC Call Center Services

What would change for your dealership if you could follow up the right way with every customer you serve? How could immediate, actionable feedback help you retain more customers, identify holes in your process and close more deals?

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service marketing

Service BDC Call Center Solutions

Your service lane is the powerhouse of your dealership. Ensure it’s getting the right focus with a dedicated team to manage service appointment scheduling, appointment confirmations and both inbound and outbound calls.

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Your fully-integrated automotive software platform includes:

Automotive CRM

CRM Suite

Capture and manage your leads more effectively while providing a superbly integrated customer experience.

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Marketing Suite

Execute effective marketing campaigns with automated triggers that make communicating with your customers easier than ever.

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Automotive Service

Service Suite

Manage your service drive more efficiently so you can increase your absorption rate and see a higher ROI.

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CRM software makes a real difference to car dealers. How?


"Elead does a wonderful job of taking care of our customers. Their call center agents are provided with call guides and training, providing a consistent experience to our customers day in and day out, which is important."

- Fred Bartholomew
Gettel Automotive Group.

"With Elead BDC taking calls and scheduling appointments, our sales teams' attention can stay with the customer in front of them."

- Chris Hamud
Alfa Romeo Fiat Fort Worth

"The ROI with the Elead BDC is twofold. It helps us set sales appointments we may have missed, but also helps us set service appointments."

- Ethan Rossignol
DARCARS Toyota of Silver Spring

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