Are your customers and sales reps frustrated by the slow, complex process of buying a car?

How would you like to sell cars faster?

Make your desking process more efficient so you can keep deals moving and streamline the way you sell cars.

Is your desking process painfully slow?

What if you could easily pull custom quotes, keep deals moving in off hours, cut down on negotiation time and streamline your workflow so you can sell cars faster?

Are your integrations seamless?

In a business where time equals money, poor integrations cause duplicate work and hold up deals, costing you money and frustrating your customers. Certified integrations simplify the deal desking process.

How transparent is your pricing?

Desking deals is complicated. Rebates, trade values and lender programs all impact price. Customers get frustrated if the numbers they find online don’t match what they see in the dealership. Transparency and accuracy are key.

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How can desking software help your dealership?

Are your profit margins low?

Even if they're not, everyone could certainly use higher profit margins. Would it help if your desking software could highlight the most profitable rates and incentives for faster quote generation?

How mobile is your team?

Is your desking tool limited to desktop? What would change if you could free your employees to move around while desking deals, booking and appraising vehicles and managing customer information?

Are you closing enough deals?

Talk tracks and side-by-side comparisons help you reduce negotiation time, while inventory tools let your team present alternate options. That means you can speed up the process and close higher-dollar deals.

Take the pain out of pricing.

Consumers are more price-savvy than ever. Your desking tool should have the ability to determine which rebates can be combined or stacked, and to apply the latest rates and residuals to your deals. Then your team can present based on the monthly payment, rate or gross, depending on what the customer prefers.

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"Elead is tried and true. It talks with our DMS the way we need it to and gives us real-time data updates. We get the costing correct - right from the start."

- Rusty Gentry
Pat Lobb's Toyota of McKinney

"The Elead desking tool has been huge asset in growing our leasing business. My team really likes the multi-quotes."

- John Luciano
Street Volkswagen

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