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How many of your customers want to complete parts of the car-buying process online?

Are you providing a connected digital retailing experience for customers?

Today’s consumers want a fast, low-pressure and connected experience when buying a car. Does your dealership have the tools to make that happen?

Are you seeing fast deals and faster profits?

Customers and dealers both want to speed up the process of buying a car. Digital retailing tools allow consumers to have a smoother buying experience so dealers can turn a profit faster.

Is your customer experience accurate?

Build trust with consumers by offering them a connected experience that sets appropriate expectations on tax, incentive and financial details with penny-perfect calculations.

Could an integrated process help you sell more cars?

It’s a hassle for customers to fill out the same paperwork more than once. When customer data transfers directly into your showroom tool, customers don’t have to restart the process.

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How can digital retailing software help your business?

Are you adapting to the changing buying climate?

Customers don’t want to be limited to dealership hours, or feel pressured to make a split-second decision. Build trust with shoppers, while still being able to track the process, optimize your messaging and control the deal.

Are you losing deals to third-party competitors?

A modernized shopping experience delivers constant interaction between your customers and the system, so managers can oversee the process and not lose control to third party competitors.

Are your customers getting the best experience possible?

Dealerships that utilize a digital retailing tool report higher customer satisfaction rates. They also get more sales qualified leads, more control over the process, more chances to raise gross profits – and they’ll convert faster.

Do you give a streamlined, omni-channel experience?

It’s great to allow customers to begin the process online, but it’s hardly helpful if they have to repeat all the same steps when they arrive in the showroom. Synchronize your online and showroom software so customers can start and close deals at their convenience.

How accurate are your payment calculations?

You can control gross profits in part by designing your own customized payment parameters. Your digital retail solution should offer penny-perfect calculations and incorporate state taxes, local taxes, fees and the customer’s credit score into the final price.

Can your customers easily shop from home?

You’ll gain more deals if you provide buyers with a robust online experience. Let them browse inventory, review pricing and features, electronically complete a credit application, and create tentative deals including adjustment of down payment, term, trade-in value and more.

85% of consumers said they would be more likely to buy from a dealership that offers at least one component of digital retailing.

Time, convenience and a lack of pressure make a big difference to consumers when choosing where to shop. Letting your customers start and complete steps of the process from the comfort of their own homes in their own time can have a huge impact on your dealership.

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