Longtime eLEAD CRM Customer and Auto Dealer, Tammy Darvish, Releases New Book“Outraged: How Detroit and the Wall Street Car Czars Killed The American Dream”

(DALLAS, October 14, 2011) – Industry leading automotive CRM and marketing provider, eLEAD CRM, announce the new book release of its longtime customer, Tammy Darvish who currently serves as Vice President of DARCARS Automotive Group. Outraged – How Detroit and the Wall Street Car Czars Killed The American Dream” is now available at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

“Outraged” is a vivid account of the most misunderstood, or little-known, automotive story, the collapse of the “Detroit Two” automakers, General Motors Company and Chrysler, in the economic upheaval of 2009.  The book embarks on events that transpired within the temporary government group designated to rescue the automakers and the dealer owner’s uphill battle to regain economic rights– from the courtroom – to Congress – to the White House. Darvish portrays how some dealers saw new life, while a good portion of “main-street” car dealers, located in rural or small to mid-size towns, were rejected and hung out to dry.

“Outraged is sure to reignite the controversy surrounding the battle between automotive dealers and the entities that engineered their demise, including the US Auto Task Force,” stated Tammy Darvish, Vice President of DARCARS Automotive Group. “As a key participant in the 2009 drama, the book was written to document and candidly reveal the “murder” of the American dream, from the perspective of an entrepreneur who was affected by the automotive industry bailout during government-ordered corporate restructurings.”

“As an automotive professional and witness to the great losses from 2008 and 2009, I know how important Tammy’s role was in a number of the proceedings. All directly related to her deep passion for the auto business, as well as her own deep patriotic sentiments to our country,” stated Bill Wittenmyer, Vice President of eLEAD CRM.  “I am excited and proud to see her publish this story and share these lessons.”

For more information on “Outraged”, visit www.tammydarvish.com.

About Tamara Darvish:

Tamara Darvish is a Vice President of DARCARS Automotive Group, a privately owned group of 34 franchises in the Washington Metro area. She has served as a member of the executive board of directors for Washington Area New Auto Dealers Association since 1995 and served as the first woman Chairman for the Association.  Tamara was also recently elected to serve her second term as the Washington DC Director on the Board of Directors at the National Automobile Dealers Association. She keynotes several corporate and philanthropic events throughout Greater Washington including the WJLA Working Women of the Year Award. Tamara graduated from Northwood University with a B.A in Business Administration and an A. A. in Automotive Marketing.  Since then, she has completed hundreds of industry related certification programs.  Philanthropy and community service have always been a constant high priority for Tamara.  Each year, DARCARS selects and commits to several community and philanthropic events that raise over $1.5 million annually, which she personally devotes the time to lead the charge. She consults for companies and media outlets on issues regarding the Automotive Industry and has received numerous industry awards, including being named one of the “100 Leading Women in North American Auto Industry” by Automotive News. Email: Tammy@DARCARS.com

About eLEAD:

Founded in 1985, eLEAD has steadily grown to over 700 direct employees with the number one automotive call center in the nation. eLEAD offers a bundled solution approach; a single login gives dealers access to CRM, desking, pre-owned inventory management and marketing. The company’s unique month-to-month business model fuels their sense of urgency to deliver monthly results.  Along with an impressive number of recent groups that have chosen to partner with eLEAD, the company focuses heavily on maintaining their large reference list of over ten year customers.

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