Automotive Customer Experience

How Data Drives the Customer Experience

Processes at a traditional dealership aren’t necessarily geared toward providing exceptional customer experiences. Yet, companies like Amazon and Apple have proven that a great experience is what keeps customers coming back and recommending you to friends and family.

So, what’s the most effective way to deliver a better experience?

Get to know your customers better.

The more data you have on your customers, the easier it is to tailor conversations and strategies to meet their individual needs. That makes them feel more seen, heard and valued. And that makes them happier.

In this free guide, you’ll learn how the most successful dealers:

  • Leverage flexible CRM technology to aggregate, view and analyze all customer data in one place

  • Gain a 360-degree view of each buyer

  • Enable consumer behavior tracking for better follow-up

  • Create compelling website experiences integrated with the showroom experience

  • Leverage virtual BDCs for fast, consistent, personalized messaging with customers

  • Create, manage and nurture personal, long-lasting relationships throughout the customer lifecycle – from shopping and purchase to service

  • Integrate the service drive for a seamless customer experience

When you get to know your customers better, you can build strong relationships and close more sales.  And your customers will transform from simple buyers into passionate brand evangelists.

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