Internet Lead Management

Answer internet leads faster and more efficiently with automated follow-up that speeds up the sales process, improves the customer experience and converts more customers.

How well do you process and track your internet leads?

Is your team able to answer internet leads quickly, with information and recommendations that steer conversations and lead to conversion?

Are your leads getting the information they need?

When you can quickly answer internet leads with information on their vehicle of interest, availability, financing, trade-in evaluation, appraisal and more, you can help them make a faster decision.

How do you handle leads during busy times or after hours?

An automated process that provides fast, accurate and informative replies can stop internet leads from sending inquiries to your competition.

Is your lead assignment process seamless?

Would it help speed up your sales cycle if you could automatically redirect leads that don’t receive a fast enough response? What if you could create a safety net that automatically assign leads to a specialist based on their strong suit?

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How can internet lead management help your dealership?

Do you know which lead sources result in conversions?

If you don’t understand where your best leads come from, you won’t know the best way to spend your marketing dollars. And that means you can end up spending a lot of money on poor results.

Are you being charged for duplicate leads?

If you don’t have a system that tracks leads properly, you may end up being charged for duplicate leads. Hold vendors accountable and ensure you’re not spending more money than necessary.

Do you have a centralized view of all your leads?

Managing multiple dashboards for lead sources is time consuming and frustrating. Having a centralized view of your leads and routing them properly improves response time and makes lead management easier.

Change the first conversation you have with your customers.

Too often, the first conversation with a customer is centered all around price. What if you could offer your customers information on multiple vehicles, with different options and features, so your first conversation is about a selection instead of haggling over the best price?

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"Elead is user friendly. It has all the reports to manage every aspect leading to the sale and day-to-day business."

- Chris Hamud
Alfa Romeo Fiat Fort Worth

"One of the great things about Elead is the solution is all encompassing. It connects sales to service, and back to front of the house again. It is the way to go."

- Scott Bisbee
Managing Partner Steve Padgett's Danville Honda

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