Chat solutions on your website will generate incrementally more leads, as we well know. But that doesn’t give you a clear answer on how you can arrive at those lead increases. There are essentially two types of products in chat services; Managed and Self-managed. While hybrid models are available in the marketplace, it is this debate that spawned the existence of reception services or BDC backstop services.

So, how do you decide which is the best for your dealership? One thing I learned very early on in my career is to trust the data. When approaching our former CIO with an idea, he would always ask for the data that supported my theory. His stock response was always, “My facts trump your feelings.” Therefore, I had to go to the data.

In the case of chat, you have many variables to consider. The biggest of which is the skillset of the team handling it, only seconded by the features and functionality of the tools at your disposal. The data below is drawn from our Customer Contact Center and new chat tool; arguably the most sophisticated and educated platforms in existence in today’s marketplace.

Chat Numbers


Comparing those dealers that are managing their chat solution themselves to those using the ELEAD Contact Center, the results are definitive in a single direction. Because of the response time and training differences, the ELEAD Contact Center was able to outperform even top-rated process stores. This data is taken from a large number of sessions within a one-month period that resulted in a conversation. Records were excluded to level the playing field if the customer did not submit a message. As my old CIO would say, “My facts trump your feelings.”