Increase Service Retention, Service ROs and Generate Additional Car Sales From the Service Lane

A targeted marketing program that not only improves fixed ops bottom line but also increases car sales by accelerating customers’ buying cycle

Anthony Monteiro and Darren VanCleave will present a comprehensive, targeted marketing strategy that primarily focuses on the service department.  Monteiro and VanCleave have worked with some of the top dealers in the country to developed a strategy to gain new service customers, keep existing ones and become more aggressive reaching out to those who have not remained loyal.
The session will highlight the science of gaining new business in areas of conquest marketing initiatives and generating additional sales opportunities.  Find out how these key fundamentals increase customer retention and loyalty by effectively communicating throughout the customer’s ownership cycle and produce measurable results that generate additional revenue for the dealers that execute them.

What action items will attendees take back to the dealerships?

  1. Efficient marketing campaigns that target the right customer, at the right time
  2. Consistent marketing message across multiple mediums that improves response rate
  3. Effectively converting 2-3% of service traffic into new/pre-owned sales
  4. Dominating PMA for both sales and service


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Anthony Monteiro, Director of Consulting Services for ELEAD One

Anthony Monteiro the Director Consulting Services for ELEAD One, one of the nations top CRM and operational software providers and has the largest “Automotive Only” Call Center in the US. Mr. Monteiro is one of the Pioneers of Digital products, services and the processes around them. Having spent half his career on the retail side and the other half on the vendor side, his knowledge of the space is amongst the best. He recently held the position of National Director of Business Development at Sonic Automotive helping lead one of the most progressive auto retail groups to install eSales Centers across their 100+ stores.

Darren VanCleave, Chief Operating Officer – Tier 10 Marketing and Advertising Agency

Darren possesses over 25 years of success as a Leader, Executive and Entrepreneur in the automotive industry. By the age of 40, he owned and operated eight companies worldwide.  Over the course of his career, Darren served as CEO of Result Technology Group, President of True Fiction Filmz, Vice President the Joe Verde Group, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing for Reynolds & Reynolds/Half-A-Car.  Darren began selling cars at age 17 to work his way through college and over the years has served as Dealer Principal, General Manager, GSM, F&I Director, and Sales Manager