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Your New Year’s Tune Up

Your Dealership's New Year's Tune Up

It’s that time of year. Our families and friends have just left and now the clean up begins. Even though there’s so much we are trying to cram in to close out the year — our yearly goals are at stake if we lose focus. We knew this week was approaching all holiday season long yet we seem to be caught off guard by the question “what are we going to do to finish our year strong?”

I’ve always looked at my sales team like I do my car. I take good care of her to insure she is clean, well maintained, and ready to go fast. As the miles pile on and she no longer has the new car smell and luster I start to neglect her. I’ll wash her when I have time. My tires and brakes and oil change can wait another couple thousand miles. She sits in my garage on ”trade” until I do something about that.

When the business slows, many salespeople slow as well. At the most inopportune time the disaster always seems to happen for those of us who are not prepared. We get away from our processes and our success rate decreases. We fill the time with personal busy work and neglect our routine. We become stagnant.

The same is true for the last week of the month and the first of the year. We may feel thankful the previous year is behind us, and energized that we get to start 2016 with a clean slate, but we are not well oiled or fully gassed. We fail at firing on all cylinders for a bit of time by ignoring the processes and habits that made us successful. But what if we had prepared? What if we followed our processes faithfully during the slower time preceding the final week? If we had logged and called every potential prospect back to thank them for their time, will they remember our interactions post January 1st?

Let’s make the commitment to:

  • Follow our logging processes without fail, thoroughly logging everyone we meet (including at least two phone numbers & email addresses)
  • Contact every prospect we have, making more than the average number of call attempts, SMS text, or email
  • Use all our resources to follow up (managers, internal BDC, team leaders, Virtual BDC/Contact Centers, anyone and everyone on our team)
  • Focus on scheduling VIP Appointments that work within our prospects time frame
  • Make a point to insure that managers confirm all VIP Appointments
  • Call all no-show VIP Appointments back to reschedule

For our teams to win we have to do our individual parts. We can only play our roles and let others play theirs. Our teams’ success depends on everyone being well oiled when it’s time to go fast!

Sell ‘em all!

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