Deliver a genuine, relaxed and consultative experience to your customers in the showroom while capitalizing on every incoming lead, no matter when or where it arrives.

Does your staff have all the time they need to devote to customer inquiries, follow-up and new lead generation?

How would your dealership grow if you had an affordable BDC full of experienced appointment coordinators that can capture new leads, drive fresh opportunities from new and existing client bases and nurture all your customer relationships?

Do you have a truly connected experience?

Imagine all of your dealership BDC activities captured inside your CRM and customer records. Now, imagine all of your lead-generating campaigns and follow up completed consistently, even after-hours, turning opportunities into lifts in appointment traffic and sales volume.

Is your communication strategy profitable?

Today’s connected consumer expects information quickly and on multiple channels. A productive conversation improves conversions and brings in more profit. Do you have the right staff to engage these opportunities before a competitor does?

Are you efficient with your staff’s time?

Give your staff backup so they can focus their attention on helping customers inside your dealership instead of being tied to a phone or computer. Free up your employees to do what they do best – build the relationships that lead to sales.

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How else can BDC services make a difference for your dealership?

Do you get actionable feedback from your customers?

Using third-party services for follow up allows your customers the freedom to give objective feedback on their experience. With proactive outreach, you can solve issues before it affects your CSI score, ends up as a bad review on the internet or costs you a customer.

Is high turnover or the cost of training slowing you down?

Operational costs for training are high and the cost of employee turnover is even higher. How much money would you save if you could outsource some of the heavy lifting in your call center while still driving personable sales through warm handoffs to your team?

Does your staff have the skill to drive conversations?

Make sure your calls are handled by an experienced agents working as an extension of your dealership, armed with proven call guides, training and coaching from auto retail experts. Get high survey completions, more appointments and deals closed – even on cold customers.

Losing money on service opportunities?

From recalls to warranty work, from inspections to customer declines, your service drive fuels the rest of your dealership’s profits. If you could ensure your phone calls were being picked up, handled and routed properly, how much more service business could you close?

Is your customer experience consistent?

Consistency and trust are key in turning your customers into brand evangelists. Ensure the customer experience is the same fast and informative experience every time with full, consistent BDC coverage from over 640 US-based appointment agents (bilingual available).

Are all virtual BDC providers the same?

No, they aren't! Efficiency is key and only the highest standards of professionalism, quality control, cost management strategies and state-of-the-art technology will consistently provide experiences that convert opportunities into loyal customers.

Want a continuous flow of appointment traffic?

Our BDC Pro 90+ Day Internet Lead Management and Nurturing Program has you covered with short-term email, text and call responses to long-term follow-up workflows executed at the highest standards.

Based on three decades of proven success with the industries top automotive retailers, BDC Pro improves efficiency, seamlessly connects your data and increases profits.

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