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Not my zoo - just my lions

In this installment, I want to talk about some key management advice I have received throughout the years. Managing people is one of the most challenging things anyone can do, and doing it well is a task achieved by few. The truth is that, as I have said before, you don’t manage people — you manage their activities. That is how you drive results. Especially in our business, there are many strong people with strong personalities and some, if not most, can be difficult to manage, but that is what makes them special and achievers. See, those are the lions. Read More

Most of you know that my posts are generally inspired by real-life experiences, and this edition is no different. On recent business trips, I was reminded of several pieces of advice that I have been given over the years, and I feel compelled to pass them along.

I don’t mean to be ironic, but the first bit of advice is to be mindful of where you get your advice. In the airport today — one that I find myself in several times per month — I stopped to get my shoes shined.

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For this edition on leadership, let me start with a true story that happened about two weeks ago in the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport. For those of you that don’t know, it is the busiest airport in the U.S., and possibly the world. Further, traveling through this airport on a Monday is always a real treat as it is extremely busy and the trains between the concourses are tightly packed with commuters. On this particular Monday, my first flight was late, and as usual the connection was in another concourse. I rushed down to the train because I knew that if I missed this connection, it would be a wasted four + hours in the airport that would not be as productive as it could be at my destination.

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Leadership — there are certainly a lot of diverse definitions to leadership, and different styles work for different people, organizations and structures. When approached to talk about leadership, I typically try to use examples that can be applied to all styles and personalities. Here, I will relate a recent personal experience.

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