Let’s be candid, most dealership service marketing campaigns are rarely in sync with each other from a creative or messaging standpoint. They typically consist of a few conquest direct mail pieces and several email blasts to the database every month. The monthly service specials may or may not be forwarded to the web management team for posting on the website. Digital marketing for service is minimal or non-existent. The lack of strategic approach results in a disjointed marketing effort from which tracking ROI is almost impossible. And the marketing spend itself is almost nil.

Keep in mind we’re talking about a department that provides the largest profit margin for most dealerships. The solution is twofold:

  • Find a marketing partner that understands the Fixed Ops side of your business.
  • Develop a strategic integrated marketing plan that can help you develop a message and then circulate that message throughout your marketing channels. If the marketing partner you are considering doesn’t have a strong focus in helping you decided how to tell your Fixed Ops story, then they probably aren’t the right fit for you.

Make sure your Fixed Ops marketing strategy aligns with your monthly goals by utilizing a five (5)-step process: planning, implementation, monitoring, modification and review. The relationship between the dealership (Service Director, GM) and the marketing partner needs to be grounded in good communication and a clear and realistic set of expectations of the outcomes from the moment the relationship is established. Lastly, performance analytics should be reviewed monthly to ensure the plan is on course.

The same planning focus used to develop a marketing plan for the sales side of the dealership should be employed for fixed ops. If you’re serious about driving up your fixed ops revenue, then make sure someone is leading and managing your service marketing efforts.

–  Jim Hughes, VP Digital