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5 Outbound Call Campaigns that Deliver Results

5 Outbound Call Campaigns that Deliver Results

Outbound call campaigns are highly effective for motivating customers to take action. Sometimes nothing beats the sound of a real human voice that’s friendly and knowledgeable reaching out to you on the phone.

For sales campaigns, you can either organize your sales team to conduct an outbound call blitz, have your business development center (or Virtual BDC) reps complete it, or outsource to a qualified BDC expert and have a warm handoff of hand-raisers to designated dealership personnel. On the service call side, it’s wise to have your BDC or an outsourced call center make the calls.

Learn more about the latest in Outbound Call Performance in Bill Wittenmyer’s “5 Outbound Call Campaigns that Deliver Results” in the March edition of Dealer Marketing Magazine. Click here to download a free PDF copy that you can put to work in your dealership and share with your team.