We all want life to be easier: fewer things to do in the least amount of time for the largest possible return. As such, we have a tendency to get a little lazy, allowing today’s technology to market largely for us.

In the fixed ops industry, there is a precedent to allow an application to “auto” or magically decide when to send out marketing campaigns. It also decides who to send it to and even what medium(s) to use – and, that’s if there is a focus on service marketing at all. “Auto” magic marketing is those communications such as reminders that are an integral part of maintaining a relationship with your customers.

The problem is your campaigns are nearly the same as those of every other store or competitor. If there is no targeting or customization of the communications, then your marketing strategy is far less effective.

While determining the best marketing strategy for your service department, try to find ways to blend “auto” magic marketing with communications that are more tailored or relevant to the customer. These type messages are based on location, declined services, missed appointments, etc. Reminders and courtesy calls build a trusting relationship between the service department and vehicle owner while customized campaigns convey you took the time to know your customer’s service needs on an individual level.

Remember, marketing of any ilk is a fairly common-sense proposition. The best way to reach consumers is to ensure the message is important to them. What type message would make you want to come to a specific dealership for an oil change or a tire rotation? What sort of message would appeal to your spouse? Do the same type messages appeal to both you and your spouse?

If the answer to that last question is a resounding no, then perhaps it’s time for some service “marketing” magic at your dealership.

Lynn Adkison