Automotive BDC

BDC Bootcamp: Proven Strategies to Grow Your Business

Learn How to Take the Lead on Sales Calls

Does your staff have all the time they need to devote to customer inquiries, new lead generation and strategic follow up? Research shows it takes up to six calls to reach a customer or prospect to book an appointment or close a deal. Yet, studies show 50% of consumers don't even get a second call from a salesperson.

It's time to get your BDC in shape so your dealership can meet the expectations of today’s connected consumer.

  • The BDC Bootcamp webinar provides you with:
  • Key metrics to measure and scale up BDC performance
  • Proven strategies to lift internet close rates and fuel growth
  • Tips to improve conversations and make the most of every opportunity
  • Ways to improve production and deliver an exceptional experience
  • Call campaigns that accelerate conversions and deliver better ROI

Watch the webinar now and also receive the 2020 Elead Phone Skills Guide, full of effective phone sales scripts, tips, and ideas to close more deals.