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Effective Direct Mail Campaigns Customized for Maximum Results

AutoPilot - Car Dealership Direct Mail Marketing

80 percent of households still browse their advertising mail.  ELEAD1ONE provides the most effective car dealership direct mail marketing campaigns that enable dealers to reach valuable prospects and customers, and win more business opportunities from those most likely to respond to your product or service.  With years of automotive retail experience, our marketing professionals build customized, targeted direct mail campaigns proven to maximize your budgeted ad spend.

Turn-key Service Include:

  • Creative designs tailored to dealer specifications
  • Efficient production and fulfillment
  • Direct mail marketing program (high-line sales and service, second chance, branding, and themed events)
  • Lead generation (hottest leads available, credit score filtered)
  • “Click it and forget it” technology (recovery campaigns)
  • Customized individual variable printing
  • Customized to meet specific guidelines for co-op reimbursement

Service & Sales Mail

ROI Reports

List Resources

Premiums & Promos

It Works for Car Dealers

The process of creating an effective direct mail campaign is very simple. One of our sales people will work with you to develop the perfect plan for you, your market and your dealership. After we decide which mail piece to start with, we will customize it to fit your needs and wants. Every mail piece is completely customizable. They are just starting points. We will then put together the best list of prospective customers for you from your customer database to target your most likely buyers.

  • Flexibility – You can mail anyone your message, at any time, using a variety of formats. You can send postcards, business letters, four color brochures, credit card programs, official notifications, etc. The choice is up to you and your budget.
  • Targetability – Choose precisely the audience you want to reach, and speak to them, and only them, one-on-one.
  • Measurability – There’s no guess work. Direct mail is the only form of media that you can track with 100% accuracy. And with our ROI reporting, you will be sure to know exactly how many vehicles you have sold from your campaign.
  • Privacy – Not only can you reach your customers without your competition’s knowledge, but you can also allow your customers to see your message without distractions. Direct mail can make a POWERFUL difference in your advertising arsenal!
  • Why it Works – Direct mail is perhaps one of the most powerful marketing mediums in use today. Few other marketing tools can deliver your message with exact precision at such a low cost. The amount of mail in your mailbox everyday attests to the effectiveness of this medium. (If it didn’t work, your mailbox would be empty!)

Automotive Sales & Service Direct Mail Ideas

ROI Reports

We offer detailed ROI Reports to help you determine campaign effectiveness over time. By data matching your DMS sold customers against your mail list, ELEAD1ONE can help you determine the return on your mail projects.

While results can  depend on a number of factors like how many pieces you send out, promotions offered, or timing – our team will share best practices to help you send an effective modern automotive direct mail campaign.


List Resources

Mailing lists are the foundation of a successful direct mail campaign. From Credit Lists to End Market Lists, Resident Lists to Consumer lists ELEAD1ONE data capabilities enable you to reach your target prospect. A few options include:

  • Credit lists
  • In-market predictor
  • Garage predictor
  • End market lists
  • Bankruptcy records
  • Resident / saturation lists

Premiums & Promotional Insurance

ELEAD1ONE offers premiums, promotional gifts and incentives to compliment a direct mail campaign or to be used on their own. Premiums increase response and create customer loyalty, evoke an immediate response with customers, and help to increase sales. We offer over 150 promotional gifts, gift cards, gas rebate certificates, shopping sprees, travel certificates.

Protect your business with promotional insurance through our trusted partners to offer giveaways without a financial risk. You pay a minimal premium, and we foot the bill when there is a winner.