The Benchmark in Automotive CRM Software

Sell smarter with the most intelligent and intuitive automotive CRM software in today’s market. ELEAD1ONE CRM makes it simple for car dealers to manage every business opportunity throughout the customer lifecycle effectively — from the shopping and purchasing phases to ownership and repurchasing. Bridging the gap between sales, service, and marketing operations, our automotive CRM platform provides a robust customer acquisition and retention platform that connects with auto consumers in a smarter way.

World-class customer support and advanced reporting analytics offer a comprehensive view of every type business opportunity, providing a business advantage and helping dealers successfully grow profits and market share.

Performance-driven Sales

ELEAD1ONE’s performance-driven sales solutions manage dealership traffic from lead origination to deal close, ensuring no business opportunities slip through the cracks. Our industry-leading sales platform was built by automotive retail experts to scale to any size dealership operation, and an open and transparent business philosophy ensure its fully integrated with DMS and third-party data providers. You always have the exact tools available for total relationship management and peak-performance operations.

Best of all, no long-term contract is required. No other company in the industry can unite every component of the sales and service departments into a centralized view that spans throughout the entire customer journey – from beginning to end.

  • Fast, flexible, and easy-to-use sales platform that scales to any size retail operation
  • Deliver consistent and relevant communications through attention-grabbing touchpoints: Video, texting, live calls, email, and digital
  • Fully integrates with DMS, third-party data, and marketing providers
  • Track, log, record, and map all incoming calls, includes missed call notifications
  • Data-driven reporting metrics help dealers make quick, informed, and better decisions
  • Monthly product enhancements and updates

Sales Suite Awards