Fully portable CRM and dealer management application

DealBuilder Mobile Retail

The longer the process of buying a car takes, chances are the price and the profit will decrease. DealBuilder stabilizes that decline in profits and increases the satisfaction of the customer buying experience by making the process more efficient and modern for the buyer.

DealBuilder is a fully portable, interactive Customer Relationship Management and Dealership Management software is available online, allowing dealership sales staff and auto consumers to complete much of the process via a mobile device – at any time, from anywhere, without ever accessing sales tools through a traditional PC.

Modern buying technology to fit the needs of today's automotive shoppers

From an auto consumer survey, the ability to select the vehicle of interest from dealership inventory, trade appraisal tools, select from aftermarket merchandise menu, present consumer detailed purchase pricing and figures, and digital document signing tool – DealBuilder quickly streamlines the entire buying process while providing 100 percent transparency to the buyer.

  • Customer facing Self-Serve mode
  • Full Credit Application with Decision Mode
  • POS and Online Payment for deposit and upfront money
  • Live Test-Drive tracking and mapping
  • Live access to dealership sales desk for digital purchase price and terms negotiating
  • Virtual Lot personalized vehicle selection tools
  • Full access to manage CRM activities for dealership sales associates
  • Full integration with ELEAD1ONE software
  • Digital document signing
  • Intelli-select aftermarket and FI presentation selection