Advanced Car Dealer Desking Solution

Preferred by desk managers, ELEAD Desking produces quick, professional presentations of figures, along with full lease rate and residual data. It is the only system that eliminates back and forth from the sharpie, calculator and DMS screen. With a single login, managers can desk multiple car deals, book out and appraise vehicles, edit customer information to completely manage your showroom desk log.

With ELEAD Desking, simplify your desking process to run more volume at higher CSI with 100 percent consistency while eliminating duplication with certified integration to all major DMS and third-party providers. Our robust desking tool includes side-by-side comparisons, aged inventory flags, used car valuations, ALG lease, defaults by credit tier, gross maximize and more. Desk any deal on an iPad, Android or any Mac or PC.

Simplify the negotiation process and enhance the overall customer experience. Our professional presentation of figures increases customer commitment by providing multiple payment options. Customized word tracks and closes reduce negotiation time per deal.

Fast, Accurate and Consistent

  • Simplify the Desking Process to Run More Volume at Higher CSI with 100% Consistency
  • Eliminate Duplication with Certified Integration to All Major DMS and Third-party Providers
  • Side-by-side Comparisons, Aged Inventory Flags, Used Car Valuations, ALG Lease, Defaults by Credit Tier, Gross Maximizer and More
  • Deal Desking on iPad, Android, Mac or PC
  • Full Compliance and Fast Access to Every Pass with Every Customer
  • Customized Word Tracks Reduce Negotiation Time Per Deal
  • Work the Entire Process in the CRM
  • Fully Integrated with DealerTrack and RouteOne
  • Searches the CRM to Find Real Buyers for Inventory
  • Total Transparency of Customer Information, History and Dealership Value

The industry’s most powerful web-based car dealer desking system provides more negotiation options and is proven to make more money for dealerships and staff.

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