Build retention with mobile greeting and write up-tools that give
customers a VIP-level experience – every time!
  • Mobile Greeting and Write-Up Tools
  • Advisor Word Tracks Overcome Objections
  • Customer Signature Capture

The Ultimate Service Experience and Customer Retention Platform

We all know the service drive gets hectic. The ELEAD Service lane application gives advisors first-class customer service tools that streamline the lane process with the speed and efficiency needed to keep up with traffic. On a tablet, advisors can quickly view customer appointment information, service history, pricing menus, inspections, and recalls – all from the palm of their hand. Our service drive management tool give advisors instant access to previously declined services to retarget these revenue-generating opportunities and maximize profits.

What differentiates ELEAD Service’s lane app is the helpful word tracks strategically integrated throughout the tool that guides advisors with scripts proven to overcome owner objections of recommended repair or maintenance services. Best of all, the line items on the RO Summary Estimate can be added or removed easily so that customers always get an accurate quote.

With ELEAD Service, not only do you have access to the industry’s most intelligent service lane application, but also to our robust online appointment scheduler, multi-point inspection/shop management tool, automated service marketing, and advisor training programs.

  • Fast customer check-in using VIN scan or search
  • Flexible write-up process adjusts to customer requests
  • Customizable menus and maintenance packages
  • Retargets previously declined service recommendations
  • Advisor word tracks ensure a consistent check-in process that overcomes owner objections
  • Easily records customer requests and preferred method of communication

Vehicle Walkaround

A comprehensive, step-by-step walk-around process gives your service team a head start on the vehicle inspection and helps customers understand possible fail points. Advisors can also use the walk-around process to update vehicle and customer information, access information that can be used for up-sell opportunities, document any existing vehicle damage using the built-in camera, and authorize service repair work with the signature capture.

  • Step-by-step vehicle walkaround inspection alerts staff of fail points and records damage using the tablet’s built-in camera
  • Voice-to-text features easily adds OP codes and comments
  • RO Summary Estimate and photos print directly from tablet
  • Capture customer signature to authorize service