Auto Service Marketing

Smart Service-marketing Increases Transactions & Loyalty

The Ultimate Customer Retention Program for Auto Dealerships

AutoPilot offers the exact long-term retention management tool you need through our exclusive Defector Prevention Program. Our data hygiene process keeps your data clean, so you always have the most up-to-date information to connect successfully to vehicle owners. A robust campaign management dashboard segments your customers and segregates them into groups based on their likelihood to engage or defect.

The Defector Prevention Program increases customer acquisition and service revenue by targeting customers who purchased a vehicle with “First Appointment Calls” that gathers important information, such as where the customer will service their vehicle, and why, driving patterns, and customer information verification. Information is immediately fed back to the dealer and is critical to improving the sales-to-service conversion and continuing with an impactful, long-term service-to-service customer retention strategy.

  • Improves customer acquisition, retention, and market share
  • Decreases competitor defection
  • Increases sales-to-service conversion and first service visits
  • Behavior segmentation
  • Collect better customer information and data
  • Continuous data cleansing and de-duping
  • Improves service repair market share and revenue

Reminders give the 'extra attention' to improve customer show rates and retention.