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Dealer Fixed Ops Strategy

Let’s be candid, most dealership service marketing campaigns are rarely in sync with each other from a creative or messaging standpoint. They typically consist of a few conquest direct mail pieces and several email blasts to the database every month. The monthly service specials may or may not be forwarded to the web management team for posting on the website. Digital marketing for service is minimal or non-existent. The lack of strategic approach results in a disjointed marketing effort from which tracking ROI is almost impossible. And the marketing spend itself is almost nil. Read More

Service is the New Sales

The fixed operations department generates the most profit and is key to the overall success of your store, as we well know. So why are most service departments still operating with antiquated processes and outdated software tools? Why is such a small percentage of marketing dollars allocated to the Service Department versus sales? It is almost as if the Fixed Ops Department is stuck in a time warp.

Over the past ten years, automotive dealerships have installed CRM and trade appraisal systems, desking tools and countless other software programs in their Sales, Internet and Finance Departments. Dealers attend seminars ad nauseam and hire consultants to help them nail down the best processes to practice. Tens of thousands of dollars are spent on advertising, both conventional and digital, yet the Fixed Ops Department is lucky to have a marketing company that sends emails and postcards to retain defecting customers.

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