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Turning Leads into Sales

ELEAD Digital is regularly asked how best to grow a dealership’s digital business.   Many factors go into deciding on the best digital strategy to help achieve maximum success. Whether you have an in-house or outsourced BDC or cradle-to-grave style department, the single most important piece is your in-store processes.
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Bill Wittenmyer, ELEAD1ONE Partner, was recently featured as a Guest on Driving Sales Blog.  This is part 1 in a three part series from that guest post.  You can find the original post on Driving Sales Here


Delivering a better customer experience is not difficult! We all know that today’s automotive consumer is educated and tech-savvy and that they are in search of transparency and efficiency in not only their shopping experience, but in their buying process and throughout their ownership.

Sure, it’s great to offer premium coffees and soft drinks, a fun and safe place to keep children occupied or free hot dogs and hamburgers on a busy weekend. You may even decide that “super-sale” signage and a giant inflatable gorilla is the way to go. But perhaps we should give our customers more credit than that and customize our processes around their desired experience.  For now, let’s focus on their desired shopping process. We’ll focus on buying process and ownership experience in future editions.

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